Tuesday, March 25, 2008

April Kids' Hats

For the April charity challenge, we have selected children's hats--to get a head start on next winter. Kids need hats as soon as the chill fall weather starts, so what better time to knit hats than spring?? We will save them for distribution in the fall--kids' ears won't get cold waiting for us to knit hats.

Kids hats patterns abound. The Guild library has many books about hats. But, consider these on the internet.

This is the raspberry baby tart hat from Knitty. Find it here.

Or, how about a hat that lets piggy tales hang out? Find it here.

This is darling for a little kid who likes cars! Find it here.

Knitting pattern central has dozens of kids hat patterns here.

Happy knitting. Remember, even though we hope flowers will be sprouting in April, kids will need hats in the fall. We are Knitting Ahead for next year!

Remember: every month is "knitters' choice."

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