Wednesday, May 28, 2008

April Donations

April was another star-studded month for charity donations. A total of 61 items were donated, including 1 adult sweater, 1 baby sweater, 5 baby blankets, 5 larger blankets, 6 scaves, one hat and scarf set, one hat and bootie set, 7 hats, 7 baby hats, 6 premie hats, 9 pair of booties, and 12 chemo hats.

This brought the donation total for the year to 650 items, 150 in excess of our annual goal!!

In addition, the Guild received a substantial donation of synthetic fiber yarn for use in charity knitting. The yarn had been "stashed" by Fran Walls, a prolific crocheter, who died in December. Her husband, Larry, donated the yarn to the Guild. A photo below shows some of the yarn that was made available to Guild members and others for charity knitting.

Here is a photo of some of the many donations.
On the wall, you can see our scarf "thermometer" used to tally the donations.

this photo shows some of he blankets and hats produced!
This is a photo of some of the hundreds of skeins of yarn made available by Larry Walls, in memory of his wife, Fran. Thank you Larry and family. Your donation will make a difference to many, many people.

Our unending thanks to Pat, without whom all of the charity knitting would be for naught. Pat finds homes for all these knitted items making sure that people in need receive them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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