Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another New and Free Scarf Pattern by Amy Anderson!

Our own Amy Anderson has written a reversible scarf pattern for the Charity Knitting Challenge. Thanks, Amy! Here it is! (My apologies to Amy--she sent me a very lovely Word Document with charts and proper indentation, but it it lost formatting when loading into blogger. Sorry!)

design by Amy E. Anderson

I love scarves that look the same on both sides, and this stitch is quick and easy to work. By slipping the last 3 stitches on every row, you create a built-in I-cord along each side, which gives this scarf a very “finished” look. I’ve written the instructions so that you can use any weight yarn. Gauge is not critical.

Yarn Weight # of Stitches to Cast On Needle Size
Fingering 45 sts. 5
Sport 41 sts. 6
DK 37 sts. 7
Worsted 33 sts. 8
Chunky 29 sts. 10
Bulky 25 sts. 11

K = Knit Yf = yarn forward
S = Slip St(s) = stitch(es)
Slip 1 wyif = Slip 1 with yarn in front.

Cast on the appropriate number of stitches for the yarn weight you’ve chosen (See Table).
Work as follows:
Row 1: K6, *Slip 1 wyif, K3* repeat * - * ending K3, yf, Slip 3.
Row 2: K4 *Slip 1 wyif, K3* repeat * - *, ending K1, yf, Slip 3.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 to desired length, then Bind Off all sts.

Weave in loose ends. Add fringe if desired.

October, 2007

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crassnalou said...

Can't believe this pattern has been posted for so many years and I can't find ANY comments on the inconsistency in this pattern. Apears easy (only knits and slips) but unless I'm totally missing something, it doesn't add up:
cast on uneven # of stitches, whatever your needle #or yarn type.
Follow row #1, which is even number of stitches. what to do with the final odd-man-out stitch? I had an expert (not me!) knitter look at this with me and even she can't see how it works.
But if I assumed a typo and cast on even number of stitches, then row #2 and all EVEN rows don't work.
What gives?