Saturday, February 9, 2008

Knitting Retreat

This entry is a break from the normal routine of announcing the Charity Knitting Challenge pattern of the month.

The Madison Knitters' Guild held a very successful Knitting Retreat in New Glarus, attended by approximately 31 knitters!! Twenty five of the knitters stayed overnight on Friday, February 1 and/or Saturday, February 2. The knitters knit, ate fresh bakery, laughed, made new friends, ate cookies and treats, had a beer/wine/drink or two, ate apples and clementines, cast-on, bound-off, and generally had a wonderful time.

Here are some of the hardworking hands of the Knitting Retreat Participants!!

Great beginnings!
Picking up stitches along the edge of a band for a hat.
The rowdy table!
View from our knitting room.
Decoration on the stairway.

Making socks to match a store-bought sweater!
Socks for a son.

More beginnings.
Must be for a little girl!
Thin mohair alternated with thick wool.
There is colorwork at the bottom.
The knitting matches the sweater.
Some sewing up work.
Looks warm!
This shawl begins with a gazillion stitches for the ruffle.
Some of the last of the Tiur is being made into a pullover.
Believe it or not, this three stranded project is being made with paper yarn.
The warmth of this project was appropriate for the cold, snowy weekend!

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